How Can Tools Improve Your Baby SEO?

ScreenHunter 01 Feb. 18 21.09 How Can Tools Improve Your Baby SEO?Let’s get one thing straight there are no magic tools that will automatically place a website in those number one positions. There are, however, tools that make the home job easier and help to check if all the hard work (what hard work?)is paying off.
Some companies offer SEO tool kit for baby SEO packages but it is possible to access most, if not all, tools free on the web. Here is a list of tools to aid SEO efforts, with their links.
These SEO tools include:
Rank checker – the whole point of SEO is to increase the rank of a particular website. A rank checker will show you how well a website ranks of all the websites in the world, or just for specific keywords and categories.
Keyword research – SEO has to be tied down to certain words, these words are known as keywords or key phrases. Certain tools provide information on keywords and key phrases; such information as how often searched for globally and locally, related keywords and competition rate.
Google Keyword Tool
Backlink analysis – this tool checks backlinks and the anchor text used in those backlinks.
Anchor Text Backlink Checker
Domain checker – find out how old a domain is, investigate IP addresses and see what websites looked like before.
Domain Age Tool
Google page rank – that all important page rank, check how a website is ranked according to its Google page rank.
Check Google Page Rank
Keyword density – the tool crawls a chosen domain/URL and shows how many keywords appear in each page and then analyses the density.
Keyword Density Checker
Check the popularity of a link – not all links are valid ones, before accepting a link check to see if it is a good one.
Link Popularity Checker
Generate a meta tag – an effective SEO strategy includes having appropriate meta tags. Meta tag tools scan a page and take out all the most common words, a meta tags is then generated based on this information.
Meta Tag Generator
SEO copy check – search for copies of a website or text, basically a plagiarism checker.
There are hundreds of free tools out there, it would be impossible to list them all here. This list is a small compilation of the most useful. Such SEO experts as SEOmoz, SEObook, Raventools and Bruce Clay try to sell their SEO toolkits but there is no need to buy them. As stated above nearly all the tools you could ever want exist as freeware on line.
For a complete list of online tools: Complete List of SEO Tools.