How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real Profits

img00357 20091225 0954 webandrank.thumbnail  How Social Media Activity Translates Into Real ProfitsIs Social Media just too uncontrollable and unpredictable; are the real profits to be made in predictable and measurable SEO.

Johns Wu in a recent interview has shot down Social Media and has stated that SEO is the real way to make money.

Johns Wu, is a blogging genesis, in 2006 he started the blog and 3 years later he sold it for $14.9 million., was created and run by Johns alone, he exclusively used search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) techniques to climb the rankings.

Mr Wu, is currently travelling the world and is not an easy man to track down but somebody was able to pin him down for a revealing interview. Johns states that

“I hate all social media. I know  can be useful for businesses online, but it is so unpredictable and uncontrollable that it is more of an afterthought for my online strategy. I personally would much rather spend my time on SEO since it is predictable, measurable and (most importantly) 100% profitable”

However, he does go on to say that

*Twitter and Facebook are valuable tools because they allow you to reach a fresh demographic”

The Webandrank team feels a tendency to agree with Johns on this point. Through link building and good keyword knowledge you can build the authority of your website at a medium pace to be well established in the future. Social Media can be a nightmare to control and to measure; sometimes it is difficult to see how Social Media activity translates into real profits. Although, at the end of day, being connected and having a presence on Social Media sites is better than not.

Another interesting point that Johns hints at (that I’m sure the Google team didn’t appreciate) is that expertise is not as important as SEO savvy. When asked the question ‘Is topical expertise required to compete in a valuable market?’ he replied:

“It definitely helps, but it isn’t 100% required” going on to say “…understanding how SEO and SEM works will grow your business and give you a     shot even if competitors have more topical expertise”.

Not wanting to miss quote Johns he kind of contradicts himself later on in the interview by saying:

“expertise (is definitely the most valuable asset for a young webmaster). If you are a true authority in your niche and you create remarkable content, your website     will naturally attract links, advertisers…”

I think the message is clear from this interview anybody can make money from blogging if they know how to use SEO and SEM techniques. Johns was a student of neuroscience but became an expert in banking – lets face it he probably wasn’t the number one banking authority out there