How to Choose a Search Engine Placement Service?

ho to choose a seo company.thumbnail How to Choose a Search Engine Placement Service?Hands up if you have created a fantastic flashy website but can’t figure out why it doesn’t rank well in the search engines. Before you give all your money to someone promising you a guaranteed number one spot in Google, take a step back and breathe. Search engine placement service is a difficult tasks and there are a lot of firms that talk and talk but can’t walk the walk.

Here are some ideas worth thinking about before choosing a search engine placement service firm.

Many business owners contract the help of a search engine placement service to increase the ranking of their website. SEO simply means search engine optimisation. As standard most proper a search engine placement services should provide the following services:

  1. Revamping of website content and structure
  2. Full in-depth knowledge of all things IT related
  3. Copywriting
  4. Researching of keyword and key phrases
  5. Market expansion on and off line
  6. GeoLocation
  7. Page optimization
  8. SEO process
  9. Index coverage
  10. Link building
  11. Eliminate negative factors
  12. Conversion efficiency
  13. Stat analysis

If the search engine placement service you are thinking of choosing does not include these functions as standard try a different company.


A word of warning for any start up online businesses or bloggers you must be aware of the difference between organic and paid searches. The primary concern when it comes to SEO is organic search, these are results returned through their relevance to search terms rather than through paid advertising (you know those search results that appear at the top of Google denoted by the ‘Sponsored Links’ heading).

Some firms will simply spend all your money on paid searches which looks great at first, because the results are instant, as soon as you stop paying for paid search you will instantly disappear from the search engine. Paid search is useful but its use should be regulated.

This is why organic SEO + organic Placement Service is the best for the online business longevity. A good firm will sure up all aspects of your online approach, all the way from meta-tags to correct article placement.

Organic SEO is something that can be done yourself Webandrank suggests learning as much as possible and doing everything you can before hiring a search engine placement service.


Webmaster Tools and Webmaster Central Blog are fantastic places to train on SEO, but without doubt there is a limit to where you can go with this. The Google Webmaster Tools tells you what they expect from a website to make their indexing job as easy as possible. If you go there and follow all the rules you have already taken one step up the ladder. However, the truth is Google doesn’t want small business to be successful at SEO; Google wants us all to pay for advertising.

How toChoosing a Search Engine Placement Service

Self-training can only take a business so far, SEO is time consuming and requires in depth knowledge of how the Internet works. Employing a search engine placement service might be the only choice left.

Here are some useful questions to ask a search engine placement service before deciding to use their services.

·    Do you have a portfolio showing us success for previous clients?
·    Are the SEO efforts backed up by market research?
·    What is your meaning of success (imagine you have a law firm in Chelsea London, if the search engine placement service promises high ranking for ‘Chelsea London specialist law firm legal services’ then this is no good you want to be ranking high for ‘London law’)?
·    Do you have experience in my city or country?
·    What are your SEO techniques?
·    How often will you do stat analysis and how will you communicate these to us?
·    What is your link building strategy?

Black Hat SEO

Some search engine placement services are considered as ‘black hat’ due to their use of overly aggressive techniques. Working with these firms can have seriously negative effects. Google does not appreciate websites going against their guidelines; the results of doing just this can be a decrease in rank or removal from indexing altogether.

It is very important that the search engine placement service has full transparency and that the business they are helping is aware of all the techniques used. If the search engine placement service is using any of the following Webandrank suggest getting away from this firm.

·    Owning shadow domains
·    Trying to sell keywords in the address bar
·    Linking to other clients through doorway pages
·    No distinguishing between actual search results and paid search
·    Has multiple aliases
·    Can only guarantee success for long keyword phrases
·    Is not listed on the Google index.

Here are two rules of thumb; don’t use search engine placement services that spam you; and nobody has a special relationship with Google, if somebody says they do then look elsewhere.

For any businesses that have been taken for a ride by an SEO firm you can contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), either by visiting, calling 1-877-FTC-HELP or writing to Federal Trade Commission, CRC-240, Washington, D.C. 20580.

It is of course important that you choose a good search engine placement service to increase your ranking but with a little savvy this can be easily done. If you want to fix the roof of your house, you’re not going to hire some idiot with no previous experience, no proof of previous work and bad tools. You are going to pick the guy with the new van full of the best tools and a cracking portfolio as a demonstration of all their previous jobs.

Finally, it is absolutely imperative that the search engine placement service understands Google. Big G is of course the number one player on the internet and it has gone beyond simply being a filing system but now acts as the Web policeman. Any decent SEO firms must be able to follow changes in Google algorithms and any other important amendments to the way Google operates. In the U.S. Google held 71.59% in August and 72.15% in September of all searches, something worth thinking about.