How to Clear The Browser Cache

browser cache cleanning How to Clear The Browser CacheInternet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

A cache in the world of IT (in the words of wiki) ‘is a component that transparently stores data so that future requests for that data can be served faster’.

All web browsers have a cache that stores information as you surf the net. It is helpful for the exact reason stated above, data can be served faster but the problem arises when sensitive data is being stored. A web browser cache contains images, videos, music files, scripts and cookies.

Cookies are commonly used to store site preferences and shopping cart contents, also for authentication and as an identifier for a server-based session. Cookies are the things that remember your login details (for Facebook, PayPal, Hotmail etc) and website user based settings.

Having a cache of data from all the websites you visit is great because it speeds up load time. If you visit a website that has some pictures the pictures are stored in the cache, when you visit the website for a second time the pictures will load from the cache and not from the original server.

Overtime the cache becomes full and can actually slow down internet browsing speeds. It is good to clear out your browser cache time to time to stop it becoming overloaded but also to protect your privacy.

Internet Explorer 8

Press Alt+T to access the tools menu. To clear the cache enter the internet options and check the delete browsing history on exit. See below.

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Mozilla Firefox

It’s super easy to clear the cache in Firefox. Just click on tools and then on clear recent history, in Firefox it gives you a time frame option.

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Google Chrome

Finally Google chrome is also has a simple method of clearing out the cache. Either press Ctrl+Shift+Del or click the spanner in the top right hand corner.

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Get clearing those caches.