How to Make Article Marketing Work for You

img00468 20100217 1545.thumbnail How to Make Article Marketing Work for YouIf you have tried article marketing in the past, you may or may not have already come to the conclusion that it is not really worth the effort. But there is actually more to article marketing than just throwing some text together and getting it published.Some people argue that article marketing is not worth the effort. You get little if any traffic, and the links you receive are pretty worthless too. Other people swear by it. Me? Well, I think it’s ok. It does certainly have it’s uses though.

In my opinion: Article marketing is a great tool to use when you are first launching a new site. It really helps you to get off the ground with relatively little effort. It is also a great medium by which to learn to write without having to use your own site as a ginea pig… What I don’t really use it for, is long term link building.

When to use article marketing

Essentially, I see article marketing as a tool for launching new websites, sites with no links at all, and with no traffic. Once your site is getting good traffic, and has some links – the benefits of publishing articles is not really worth the effort. But when you start out, it can be just the launch pad you need.

How I launch a new website

Whenever I launch a new site, I always start by building some content. I want my first visitor (especially if that visitor happens to go by the name Googlebot) to be greeted by at least 10 pages of worthwhile traffic. I don’t bother with link building at all until I have a site that I would want a visitor to arrive at.

Once I have built that content though, I will go out and get those first few links. This is when I will do some article publishing. My focus at this stage is just to get some links in so that I can get my site indexed. It is true that I could just submit it to Google, but I usually find that Google will pay more attention if it finds you first.

The good thing about article marketing

Article sites change constantly. There is a lot of new content being added all the time. One the one hand this heavily dilutes the value of the articles you publish… It does have an upside though. Search engines like content – so they visit these article sites pretty often. Probably on a daily basis.

For link building to work, you need your links to actually be indexed and followed. So getting them somewhere that search engines hang out a lot is a good way to get your website indexed.

Starting a new site

When I am starting a new site, my first priority is getting noticed by the search engines. It can take quite a while before you actually get any rankings – but getting your site indexed is the first step. SEO takes time, your first Googlebot visit is the starting whistle.

Link building with articles

Now adays I don’t even bother with articles once my site is better established. It is certainly useful for those first few links, but generally the quality of the links for long term SEO are pretty low. I like to start off with some easy links, and once I have a bit of credibility I tend to start going for the links that are harder to get – and hence more valuable… Guest posting for instance.

About the author

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