How to Make Money From Your Personal Blog

personal blog webandrank.thumbnail How to Make Money From Your Personal BlogAdbrite Makes More Sense than Adsense

In 2008 Technorati stated that is was tracking over 112.8 million personal blogs and I’m guessing half of those have been monetized.

The Webandrank crew had a look at Adbrite and Adsense to see who provides a better service.

For any newcomers to the blogging scene maybe a few definitions may help. If you have a personal blog you can, if you want, sell advertising space to make money (but don’t tell your anti-capitalist friends – they might call you a sell-out), this is called website monetization. It is only worth selling ad space if you have a lot of people visiting your blog. A multitude of ad networks exist to help you place advertisements on your blog.

The three main ways to do this are pay per click advertising (PPC), banner advertising and affiliate programs. Pay per click earns you money every time somebody clicks on an advert placed on your blog. Banner advertising is simply a graphical banner advertisement placed on a webpage. Affiliate programs allow you to join other businesses to earn commission from referred sales.

RSS Advertising, sponsorship, digital assets, blog network opportunities, donations, flipping blogs and merchandising are other, not so common ways, you can eventually make money from your personal blog. You need to build up to these so in the mean time you’ve got to focus on PPC and banner advertising.

Adsense and Adbrite both bring advertisers to you but what’s the difference?

AdSense uses its search and categorization technology to find the right ads to fit the context of your personal blog. Google is basically deciding what adverts are relevant for your blogs. AdBrite (labelled ‘The Internet’s Ad Marketplace’) allows potential advertisers to browse a list of willing space providers.
AdSense will not allow Casino, adult and Viagra sites; AdBrite will allow these sites.
With AdBrite you can make your own price and packages selling ad space directly on your personal blog. With AdSense you cannot do this.
AdSense pays every month, AdBrite pays every 60-days.
The high traffic sites have seen much better results with AdBrite over AdSense.
AdBrite gives you the freedom to mess around with the code; AdSense does not give you this freedom.
AdSense ads are highly relevant to the blog content. AdBrite is not so good with this opting for many credit-card and loan scheme adverts.
AdSense has a better system over AdBrite for checking the reports on how your ads are making money for your blog.

It seems that bloggers are reporting better profits with AdBrite.

We had a think and Webandrank have put together some tips on, how to make money from your personal blog.

Your blog has got to be eye catching but at the same time look professional, clean and simple. Overcrowding and awkwardly organised content is an immediate put-off.
Easy to manage and navigate.
I hope that this is the case already – your blog posts should be original, interesting, well-articulated, correctly spelt and grammatically correct.
Offering freebies such as prizes can keep people coming back.
Stick to one theme and become an expert in that theme. If you blog about cats then don’t try blogging about the Iraq War.
Build up your brand with logos and other tools to really give your readers something to remember.
Choose adverts that suit your personal blog people will identify with the adverts and will be more likely to clickety click click.
It really helps if you have a whole website and not just a blog.

If you are thinking of creating your own personal blog and want to make some money then we hope this helps you. Please, please, please add some interesting content.