How To Write a Business Letter

webandrank seo chair.thumbnail How To Write a Business LetterIt is very important to learn how to write a business letter, because at some point of time it is required by everyone to write one. Even though e-mailing any information is the most popular way to send business details, writing or printing a business letter is also required when you want to share important information. While anyone can write an informal letter, writing a business letter is not that simple.

A business letter needs to be professional; hence certain guidelines need to be followed. In this article you will learn how to write a clear and concise business letter. Please read on for some important instructions if you want to know how to write a business letter.

Instructions –

1.Usually it is best to use a 8 ½” by 11″ paper for writing out the business letter. It needs to be unlined as well.
2.Keep the font simple, and bold the words wherever needed.
3.While mentioning the date, make sure to mention the month in word. For example – 01 March 2010
4.After the date, it is time to type the recipient’s name, and address on the left side margin. Make sure to type the complete name, address and business title of the recipient. For example –
Ms. Frank Smith,
Human Resources
Linderman & Co
145 Farmsland Drive
Seattle, WA 98765
5.The next would be the salutation, which is Dear “Mr/Ms X” followed by the colon. It is very important to specify the letter to a particular person, because otherwise there are chances that it may not be read by the person concerned.
For example – Dear Ms. Ann:
6.The content or the body of the letter consists of three parts – i.e. the introduction, the middle and the end of the letter. The introduction basically explains the details of the sender. Who the sender is and the exact reason for writing. Whereas the middle part explains in the detail about the issue, and also what needs to be done. The end of the content part of the letter will tell the reader what action is expected from the reader, and details about it. The content of the letter will depend on the purpose of the letter. The letter maybe to file for an application, lodge a complaint, an inquiry letter, etc.
7.While writing the content of the letter it is necessary to keep the tone formal and professional. It is also important to keep the letter short, with all the necessary details. Take your time with this part as you do not want to give unnecessary details, and neither do you want to keep the letter boring. Then again it does not sound good if you are being too impersonal in the letter, it may come across as reserved and too impersonal.
8.If you have enclosed any documents or certificates in your letter, again it is necessary to mention them in the body.
9.Always remember to put your signature only in blue or black ink.
10.It is also mandatory to proof read you letter before sending it across, in order to check for some simple grammatical or spelling errors.
11.Last but not least, you can have a checklist which will tell you exactly what you have and have not included in the letter. The checklist can comprise of some simple details such as – have I included all the details required, have I mentioned the date, is the letter boring? Etc.

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