How Your Site Will Rank In Mobile? (Part1)

mobile web webandrankthumbnail1.thumbnail How Your Site Will Rank In Mobile? (Part1)Mobile computing can now be compared to desktop computing which means businesses must meet the needs of their customers in the mobile space.Over the last half a decade, the intelligence and the amount of mobile phone devices has increased at a startlingly rate. Smartphone’s are without doubt the new trend with, the Android phone, Apple iphones, Samsung and HTC, Nokia handsets and Windows Mobile phones in the pockets of millions across the globe.
The new mobile platform introduces a new era of communication and a new era of brands that consumers will identify with.
For businesses to adapt to this new mobile space they have two options.The first is to develop a mobile version of your website that has the ability to be reached through the Smartphone’s web browser.
The second is to build a custom mobile application (app) for consumers to download and install on the their Smartphone’s
In helping make your choice the Webandrank team have put together the benefits and drawbacks of each system.



You can have much greater control over the interface made available for your customers. For programs like games, apps are the better choice. Probably the greatest advantage of developing an app is that you are developing your brand too, the app can be added to the list in the Apple, Android etc platform app store, when you add the app you are adding your brand. Apps also have a certain kitsch attraction for the users who use them making them a good choice for consumer-focused organisations.

To build an app takes a lot of skill which is not so easy to find and thus making it expensive. We think the biggest disadvantage is the fact that you have to develop an app for each mobile platform Apple, Blackberry, Android, Nokia or Windows Mobile. Apple is currently one of the most popular mobile devices and without doubt you would want to develop an app for this; once you have developed the app you will then have the stress of waiting for the verification process. It is not uncommon for perfectly good apps to be rejected and for previously approved apps to be barred after being available to download for several months.


To either build a version of your website that is optimised for mobile devices or a totally separate mobile website can be relatively cheap and easy. This is a great way to bring you brand to the mobile audience as it will work on a whole spectrum of devices and is not exclusive to a particular brand. Even though there is some restriction on what you can do in the web browser this is being cancelled out by the increasing support given by mobile devices to complete more complex tasks (e.g. supporting HTML5 and touch screen user experience)..

Websites are not as flexible at what they can achieve in a web browser. Gaming and entertainment content can be better delivered using apps.There is no definitive answer to which system is best maybe both is suitable for your business model but be sure to measure the cost against return. Taptu expects Mobile Touch Web to grow rapidly over the next few years pulling itself onto a par with Mobile Touch Apps, and it will not just be this technology that will become more sophisticated. The industry expects mobile apps to become extinct and for websites to win the battle.