Inspiration for Viral Online Marketing

Inspiration for Viral Online Marketing 150x150 Inspiration for Viral Online MarketingCreate Your Own Hand-Drawn Font.Seriously, this really is loads of fun. If you want to write text on your computer using your own handwriting then I suggest using the Pilot freeware.It’s nice to send an email or some other personal document using your own hand written font.                           

The process is very simple; first, download a template; second, hand write the letters and numbers in the appropriate boxes; next, upload the image through a scanner or web cam; then, the font is generated; finally, download and install the font to use as and when you please, or use the email service.

Pilot, the pen manufacturing company has created a great piece of SaaS (software as a service). freeware. This service is free but it is also an integrated marketing scheme. You go to the website and follow the video, once the font has been created you can then use the email service to email a friend. It is not possible to use the font as and when you want, you can only use it through the email service. The receiver of the email will get a nice advert for pilot pens along with your nice handwritten email.

If you need inspiration for viral online marketing this is an excellent example of how it can be done.

The pilot system will not allow you to save the fonts you create if you want to save the fonts then you will have to spend a bit of money. Two products on the market that are great to use are, Fontifier ($9.00) and Yourfonts ($9.95).

Try the pilot one first before you purchase anything to see if you like it.