Integrating Video and Audio on a Blog

joe vitale webandrank blog.thumbnail Integrating Video and Audio on a BlogIn years past, a blog was comprised of one thing: text. In time, the ability to add pictures was integrated into the function of the blog. This proved to be a tremendous benefit to the blog writers and publishers since they could now effectively illustrate their blog entries making them akin to an electronic magazine. Now, a new phase of multimedia blogging has emerged. You can easily and effectively add audio or videos to your blog entries. While this is certainly a good thing, there is one potential pitfall you need to be aware of: you do not want the blog to become known primarily as a file sharing blog. If it does then the writing on the blog becomes incidental and that will undermine the blogger’s reputation dramatically.

No, this is not to infer that you should avoid integrating audio and video onto the blog. To do so would be a mistake since audio and video files can prove quite helpful to the functional and aesthetic value of the blog. What you do not want to do, however, is you will want to avoid the common error of undermining the value of the presence of the writing on the blog. If that happens then the blogger becomes less important than the audio and video files. Really, would you want to be the least important component of your own blog? Probably not!

Ultimately, you will want the audio and video files to complement the writing on the blog. If the subject of your writing is the subject of the audio/video file itself, you will want to take a few extra steps to be sure the writing overshadows the presentation on the file. Again, you do not want to undermine your own value as a writer or a blogger. To do so could harm the ability to amass a readership on the blog as well as the ability to effectively monetize the blog.

One way to make sure this does not happen is to have a few high quality blog entries that appear between posts that feature the audio files. This way, your top writing talent will be on display and your own personal value will not be diminished. As a result, you can feel confident that your readers will not look to a copy of a YouTube clip as being more valuable than your actual writing.

It is also advisable not to use such audio and video files in a flippant manner. Make the selection of the files to include into your site wisely. You do not want to overrun your blog with tons of trite files because this will diminish the value of your blog. Again, that is not the approach you want to take. You are the star of your blog. Not the audio and video files!

When used properly and sparingly, audio and video files can boost the value of a blog, especially if it is a travel blog. When overdone, they can prove exceedingly problematic. So, employ them sparingly and you will discover the enormous value they present. They could even raise awareness of your blog and help it become more successful than you initially thought possible.

About the author: Thomes Mueller is travel editor for the “Best Travel Site” and is a passionate traveler