Is WebProNews Boring?

webpronews news.thumbnail Is WebProNews Boring?For last few years we have followed WebProNews and have enjoyed the content posted there. Recently I found myself not bothering to check the WebProNews blog on a daily basis as the stories are simply not interesting any more.
I noticed that their Alexa ranking has slumped to the lowest point in the last three months. If you take a look at the stories on there today on the whole page, nine are related to Google. Maybe people are bored of reading about Google, facebook, Apple, social media etc.
WebProNews is simply not inviting for first time readers but they are experts in their field and do not pretend to be accessible for everyone. It may be the case that they are losing ground in the US and UK, it is the Indians and the Pakistanis that keep them in their position. In India according to Alexa they are ranked 323rd and in Pakistan 396th.
People like to read about stuff that is relevant to their everyday lives. New features on a social media applications and the stock market movements of Apple are just not hot topics for the general readership.
However, WebProNews can still provide great pieces of news about search.