Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World

Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the World 150x150 Labels Which Will Bring iCloud to the WorldApple has nearly finalised a deal with four major record labels which will bring iCloud to the world. iCloud will be a cloud service used for streaming music from a huge new Apple data centre in North Carolina. The data centre is set to be the most powerful data centre second only to government servers, it will be able to handle millions of streams per minute.

Apple is making this power move at time when Amazon and Google are attempting to corner the music cloud market. Music clouding allows users to upload songs to a server to be pulled down at a later date from various devices. The perfect format to use cloud music technology is the iPhone and of course Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive do not work on the iPhone. The iPhone will be exclusively used only with iCloud which will give people the incentive to keep using iTunes and keep buying iPhones.

Apple, Amazon and Google and certainly not the only companies trying to be an online music force. Spotify has long been sucking up users with its ad supported free music incentive; however the big news is that Facebook may well team up with Spotify to make Facebook the one number destination online for music.

Let’s hope that variety still continues and Facebook doesn’t become the Walmart of the Web.