Last Cyber Riot

Last Cyber Riot Last Cyber RiotAs The Battle Rages in Cyber Space 4-Chan Develops the Death Star

Do you think it’s possible for this Wikileaks thing to have caused anymore of a commotion?

As I sit and write this tucked away somewhere in the planet. I have a distinct feeling of ‘new world order’. 15 years ago my home was a remote tropical island with a handful of hotels now the south coast is a giant shopping mall. The students in London are going crazy against the new tuition fee laws and determined group of hackers disrupts the Visa and Mastercard systems.

Last Cyber Riot Weapon

The latest news to come out of the hacker camp is that they have developed a death star style weapon. The weapon is called LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Cannon) and has been developed by 4Chan-affiliated hackers. It has a futuristic sci-fi like name but it is simply an easy way for an anonymous user to make DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. If used by thousands of people at the same time it is like shooting down the server with a giant ion cannon.

Growing resentment

The growing resentment amongst the general population has lead to the need for idiot proof software so anybody can take part in a hacking protest. The LOIC fills this role, by downloading (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) typing in the target information like a URL or an IP address and away you go, you have just activated the death star.


If you use the Windows version you can use Hivemind to point your LOIC at a Relay Chat server. Doing this will let somebody from the 4-Chan hacker group target your ion cannon at the website they want to attack. It takes thousands of individual users to take down a website so having central control to coordinate attacks makes the whole system more efficient.

The science

The LOIC software turns your computer network connection into a fire hose shooting out garbage requests towards a particular web server. Using the LOIC does not affect your normal use of the web.

If you have thousands of fire hoses shooting out garbage requests the targetted server cannot cope and has to be shut down or is unable to answer genuine requests.

It wasn’t me, man!

If you do decide to be a part of the hacker revolution then it apparently comes at very little risk. Due to the nature of the attacks it stops the targeted server recording down the IP’s of the incoming connections. If in some cases they do record the IP addresses the LOIC user claims that someone else was on their network or their machine was taken over by hackers and included in a bot net. Plead ignorance.

Is this the start of the end? I have a horrible feeling that this strong reaction from the 4-Chan affiliate hackers is going to encourage an even stronger reaction from the powers that be. It’s no secret that the military institutions have super high powered computers capable of doing severe damage. Wikileaks involves the secrets of the American military, 4-Chan is fighting for Wikileaks and so has become the enemy of the world’s super power. I hope and pray that this does not lead to some serious restriction on Internet access.

It has been rumored (and believed by most hackers) that the same DDoS attacks were carried out on the Wikileaks server. In the minds of many the LOIC is simply fighting fire with fire. The best thing about computer attacks is that nobody gets physically hurt, it’s the best form of peaceful and non-violent protest.

*This is the opinion of one writer and does not reflect the views and opinions of the webandrank company. Webandrank does not advocate the use of hacking technology including the LOIC.