Libelous Ranking Case

Potentially libelous comments that have been posted on Google’s will now have to be quickly removed by the search engine giant based on a court appeal ruling in London.According to a u UK high court ruling, last year, Google only has a limited window of 5 weeks in which to remove libelous content on a Google blogpost before it could face a libel action. 

Lord Justice Richards, master of rolls chose to stand with the high court and decline an appeal of the original court action. This was done because there was no evidence about the amount of people that read the offence blog comments.

Commercial litigator Ian de Freitas along with Berwin Leighton Paisner stated that the court ruling was essentially a “blow” to Google, since the court ruling made Google responsible for any libelous content that they are made aware of but have not taken action on.

This core of this case was based on Payam Tamiz, who was a past conservative party local council candidate and a law student. Last year the student tried to sue Google Inc because of libel content on the London Muslim blog that was of course created on the Blogger platform of the search giant. Tamiz attempted to sue Google because negative content about him weren’t promptly removed by Google.

The ruling from this case is viewed as a milestone action as the matter of Google’s liability for libelous content on its blogging platform has never been addressed before.

According to Eady Google’s responsibility to a libelous post was merely that of an unlucky owner. However, he did acknowledge that a 5 week period to remove libelous content was “not outside the bounds of a reasonable response”.

However, the court of appeal disagreed and stated that a period of 5 weeks “was sufficiently long to leave room for an inference adverse to Google Inc”.

Tamiz’s lawyer stated that he wasn’t happy about the result of the libelous ranking case, but was happy that he played a part in clearing up the law in such a way that it can be beneficial to others. As for Google, it said that it will keep on operating in accordance to the law.According to “libelous content  is any false information posted online in forum, blog or comment about a person that causes any damages to that company or person reputation”.Having libelous content removed fron Google take long time and the removed capacity is very small in front to a massive and premeditate lebelous attack  of if the internet intermediaries.Remove negative keywords or libelous is running all the time and sometimes more the specific processes work in order to be effective with all internet entity.