LinkedIn Has a New Inbox

linkind.thumbnail LinkedIn Has a New InboxLinkedIn website has quickly risen to be recognised as one of the main Social Media sites for professional networking. This business orientated social net-working site allows people to connect to one another and has a number of useful benefits; job seekers can find hiring managers, read their profile and find out what his or her favourite chocolates are. Seriously though, it is a great way to build up your professional network, with employees and employers alike connecting to enhance business opportunities.
Facebook, on the other hand, seems to have become the anti-professional site with most of its users wondering if their friend will tag them in that drunken picture from Saturday night.
LinkedIn have added a nice little Inbox feature which helps to speed up time spent on organising your life. It makes managing your messages and invitation requests much easier.
The new tool has been made available to only some of its members on trial period to test for any bugs. It seems to be working smoothly and should be made available to al of its members soon. LinkedIn have made an effort to listen to its users; the following changes have been based on user feedback:
New look and feel: The Inbox and home page module have a simpler design and are more intuitive to use. There are now separate tabs for invitations and messages making it easier to respond to pending invitations.
Bulk actions: Multiple messages can be archived at the same time and it is now possible to bulk accept or ignore invitations.
Delete: You can now delete messages (not sure why this function didn’t exist before?)
The new Inbox feature has a few glitches. Some of its members have experienced a bouncing of their personal e-mail address which means they receive all the updates in the work e-mail and not the LinkedIn Inbox. Some have complained that they can see photos of people they do not know due to the Outlook connector being broken.
Most LinkedIn members already using the Inbox feature are happy and have given positive feedback. The Inbox was something that was definitely required in a LinkedIn account.