Local Search Engine Service Launched by Fwix

webandrank article fwix loca searching london.thumbnail Local Search Engine Service Launched by FwixFwix has launched the beta version of a Local Trend Search tool at search.fwix.com. Fwix is a growing player in the hyperlocal news space, and its new tool allows its users to search for things ‘going on at that place there and then’ at more than 200 English-speaking,Fwix is active in 200 markets in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, the locacal searching system is created to ranking and select news stories that are locally relevant and founded by Darian Alexander Shirazi  known for his involvement with Facebook, his family also was involved with the growth of the technology industry in Silicon Valley area.  

webandrank seo blog fwix search local Local Search Engine Service Launched by Fwix
The above shows search results for bar with London as the city location.

On the left hand side you can see several search results all within different categories – Crime, News, Events, Photos etc. The news results are taken from traditional media sites but updates and things like that are taken from Twitter, Foursquare and Gowalla. The events come from places such as Eventful and StubHub and photos come from Flickr.

Fwix is offering local advertising which can be seen on the top left of the page above the search results. Fwix uses the AdWire product for locally-targeted advertising.

I really like this tool and I think the Local Trend Search tool has great potential to develop. The most obvious downfall is that it lacks coverage for the smaller towns.

Fwix  is not without its competitors. Sency has a real-time/local search mashup; Bing through its Bing Maps Apps product offers a similar experience; don’t forget Google Maps with its data layers for photos, videos, Wikipedia, real estate listings etc. If Google Maps was to add news, events and status updates it would be easy to match what Fwix Beta has built. Saying this however, I like this Fwix tool and I wish it the best of luck in the future.