Lost in SEO

Lost in SEO Lost in SEOAnybody who has an openly available business email account will be aware of the problem of SEO spam. Our clients and business partners constantly ask us why they receive so many emails about SEO and web ranking services? Who is sending these emails? How can we know if what they offer is genuine or not?

The first piece of advice I would give someone is that you can’t trust any spam and you are better of finding a company rather than a company finding you. Many SEO companies offer very cheap deals with the promise of high ranking, often these firms cannot deliver on their promises or use ‘black hat’ techniques to get you where you need to be.

Here are some factors worth considering when you are lost in SEO, keywords and keyphrases are the crux of SEO and web ranking. A real SEO firm should be ranking at the top of search engines for at least 10 keywords and keyphrases related to the field of SEO and web ranking. If you were to ask one of these firms ‘hey, tell me what keywords or keyphrases you rank well in?’ they should answer ‘ok, search Google or Bing for ‘search engine rank’ and ‘web rank placement’ and you can see that we appear at the top on the SERP (search engine result page).’ It’s quite simple really; a company should be able to do for themselves what they say they can do for others.

A genuine web ranking firm will be able to produce a solid portfolio of previous clients and their SEO campaigns, if they cannot then just walk away. Show me what you have done! If they do show you some of their work watch out for the old PPC (pay per click) trick, a lot of firms are offering PPC campaigns packaged up as SEO and web ranking services. This is not exactly ground breaking advice but I will explain it again here. The supposed SEO firm will take your money and use it to pay Google for an ad that will appear at the top of the SERP for a limited amount of time. PPC campaigns used properly can be effective but they are a long way from organic SEO. The two major issues are firstly that most people avoid clicking on the paid for ads and opt for the top organic results; and secondly that once the ad has expired so has your positioning in the search engine.

Another tell tale factor in recognising a genuine SEO and web ranking firm is the existence of a physical address. If a company does not have a physical address stated somewhere on its website, this without doubt means it is not a professional company and most likely some independent guy working out of his bedroom. SEO takes a whole team of programmers and writers it is not something that can be done alone. Many of these spam emails are coming out of India, but this is not to say that India does not produce some very skilled programmers.

Finally, 99% of these emails are spam and do not offer anything genuine. Any real SEO and web ranking service firm will be too busy with existing contracts to need to acquire new contracts through spam. People find us we do not find them, a simple search in Google will show you who are the genuine web ranking service firms and who are not.