Low Cost And Effective Marketing Strategy For Startups

Starting a business is a very exhilarating experience fraught with the success, worries, and failures. When you start a business you are responsible for coming up with ideas and make them happen, everything from production to marketing to sales, you are involved everywhere. The main focus of any business is on sales and marketing, and now online marketing, SEO and SEM is the vital component for any web site rank and marketing strategy.

Today every business is applying SEO practices to their business, it is nothing but one way of advertising, increasing the online exposure of the brand. With the increase in social media popularity all companies have started to focus on online brand building and recognition, they start to call it brand optimization. Most of the startup companies run on tight cash situation, and this can be the most important reason to incorporate SEO in their marketing strategies.Thousands of beginnerd and professional marketers looking to optimize their organic search results and handle the tedious work to growing online in order to create low cost and effective marketing startegy for startups.

Why Use SEO As A Marketing Strategy

As I already mentioned since startups has the problem of investment at earlier stages, so SEO can provide a better exposure without any big expenses. Here are few other reasons for using SEO as one of the marketing strategies.

  • Save on advertising: Billions of people come online everyday and search for the answers of their queries. Ask yourself, “what does advertisement does for a business?” and “what does SEO offer?”, isn’t both are same, then why spend your money on advertising when SEO can do that for you. It helps you to come up on top when people search for your product, now think of the exposure your product and brand is getting with SEO.
  • Be There: Think yourself, how many times you go to the Google and search for something? Exactly, billions of people do that everyday. So let SEO bring your product or service in front of the users.

What SEO Offers

  • Audience targeting: SEO works for increasing the number people coming to your website through the organic search results. There are lots of other factors that have effects on your search engine ranking, when you start working on SEO for your site the most important factor that helps you first is the actual ranking of your website at that time, higher ranking can boost the process. While measuring the success you should watch the progress in search engine ranking, and another important thing you should look at is the results for branded and non branded keywords. If the branded search is increasing then it’s a good indication, it means you have already made a presence of your brand.
  • Reinforcement of other marketing strategies:Search engine optimization also has the potential to boost the effect of other marketing strategies like SEM, PPC, etc…. If your website urls, and the pages are well optimized for SEO, the social media sharing will be more effective.

Why Startups Can Leverage Web Ranking

  • Flexibility: A startup has more flexible operations than a well established company. A well established company will have a proper and long chain of operation and everything has to go through with that, on the other hand a startup has a completely flexible system. If you consider the content development process alone you can see the difference in the chart below:
  • Novelty:For a startup it is a great advantage, they are bringing something with novelty, something new to the market. Anything that is interesting and fresh appears to become more active and with social media marketing it has potential to be viral and make investor to sign up.

Web site ranking is something like meditation, it is an ongoing journey, and full enlightenment requires a lifetime of work. You should plan your web ranking strategies for startup very carefully.