Lulz Security reports

ScreenHunter 06 May. 30 16.451 150x150 Lulz Security reports Once again a hacker group has stolen over one million passwords, email addresses and other information from the Sony network. This time the hacker group Lulz Security is behind the attack and seems to be motivated by exposing the security flaws in the Sony network.The story can be followed over on twitter (!/lulzsec); LulzSec have not been shy about their actions, stating:

“We’re currently grouping together the things we’ve taken from @Sony and are arranging them in a way that everyone will easily understand”

“Everything we have will be published in multiple ways to ensure maximum embarrassment and exposure for @Sony and their security flaws :D”

LulzSec are most upset about that fact more than 1 million unencrypted users, unencrypted admin accounts, government and military passwords we all saved in plain texts. It is pretty outrageous to think that after reassuring its customers that security had been beefed up after the last set of attacks that they still hold private data in plain text.

The last set of attacks cost Sony $170 million and saw data stolen from more than 77 million accounts. Lulz Secuirty reports that ‘from a single injection, we accessed EVERYTHING’. LulzSec have not only hacked Sony boasting they have ‘in only 23 days we hacked Fox, PBS, Sony, and got our website fully up and running’ You can view their releases here

Much embarrassment for Sony, not sure where they’ll go from here?