Lycos Still Hanging Around

lycos webandrak blog articles.thumbnail Lycos Still Hanging AroundIn a deal that many people might question, Lycos the ill-fated search engine operator, Web portal and social networker has been acquired by yet another new owner. Lycos established in 1994 by Michael Loren Mauldin as a research project has now been sold by Daum to Ybrant for $36 million deal.

Ybrant is a digital marketing solutions company has purchased Lycos from Daum a popular Korean web portal company in a stock purchase agreement. Ybrant’s chairman and CEO Suresh Reddy believes that this deal ‘will significantly enhance our search marketing business’ by making Lycos properties, most importantly its search engine, available to Ybrant’s network of advertisers.

The history of Lycos has been turbulent at best but the company just keeps hangin on in there. Unfortunately for Terra Networks the Spanish branch of Telefonica bought Lycos for $5.4 billion in May, 2000. Four years later Daum paid $95.4 million in cold hard cash for Lycos (a huge drop in value) and now of course Ybrant has just paid $36 million.

What does Lycos exactly offer? They would tell you that apart from the search engine they have a whole range of products and services. Maybe you have heard of Tripod, Gamesville, Angelfire and WhoWhere that operate for social networking, ecommerce, video viewing, gaming, blogging and web hosting. All of these services and products attract on average 12-15 million unique monthly visitors in the USA. On top of this Lycos claims that its network is the top 25 Internet destination worldwide almost pulling-in 60 million unique visitors across the globe.