Mechanics of the Internet Attack

google alarm webandrank.thumbnail Mechanics of the Internet AttackA group of “anonymous?” hackers called ‘The Anonymous‘ who organise through 4chan have tried to bring down the websites of RIAA, BPI and MPAA. The RIAA (Recording industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) amongst other antipiracy organisations have been getting under the skin of file sharing hackers. This group of disgruntled hackers have staged a mass denial of service attack on these sites putting them out of operation for a few hours.
The first sites to be hit a few days ago were the MPAA and Aiplex (this is the company that deals with antipiracy for Indian Bollywood studios). After they had successfully taken them down they focused their attention on RIAA and then the BPI in the UK.
The attackers used a primitive hacking software package. After a simple installation the software allows you to input an IP address of the target, shoot out connection requests at a designated time and repeat this action several million times. Check out how Panda Labs tracked their downtime
One organiser from The Anonymous stated ‘This Operation…has proved we can actually do something as a group, proved we can pull off successful changes in society, successful attacks on the corrupt that think THEY have power over US… We are seeking to change our way of life OUTSIDE the ‘basement’ we are trapped in. This is just the beginning. This is only the start.’
The effects were only short lived but act as a clear warning to all antipiracy organisations, the messages coming from the Anonymous camp sounds something like a rebel faction or freedom fighting group. Over at Panda Labs they are saying ‘How do you stop the collective man power of an entire Internet community? You can seize equipment, hunt down the originators of the attack, but this is a group who has prided themselves in remaining anonymous, and have done so very well through the power of the Internet. This is the future of cyber protests.
Webandrank believes that this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Internet is becoming dominated and controlled by some big institutions like Google, Microsoft etc. The programmers and software developers understand the mechanics of the Internet and the wider IT field. These guys also tend to have a leaning towards freedom of knowledge and freedom of software. This is why it’s so easy to get pirated and cracked Windows OS because the same guys that develop it, leak it onto the black downloading market. I know many programmers that say you should never pay for software, it can all be obtained for free on the Internet.
The problem is that in terms of piracy it’s hard to tell someone they should just give up all their hard work for free. For sure the copywriter laws do need shaking up. As far as I understand the main problem Anonymous has is with record labels and big movie producers sucking all the money and leaving very little for the rest of the people that make these industries work.