Microniche Internet Marketing Strategy

Microniche Internet Marketing Strategy Microniche Internet Marketing StrategyMicroniche and Internet Marketing .

Microniche is one of those catch phrases that many people in the Internet marketing community use quite often but fail to spend significant amounts of time actually trying to capture. If you’rhttp://webandrank.com/wp-admin/post-new.phpe not familiar with the concept of microniche it is simple a highly targeted keyword phrase that companies and SEO experts target due to lower monthly searches and competition.

While the monthly searches executed are much lower on these microniche phrases, the conversions tend to be much better as the user has entered in a very specific set of words in order to find what they are after. For instance, the search term “web hosting” is very broad search and has huge competition in all of the major search engines. If you were starting an online venture and wanted first page placement in this particular search term, your Internet marketing strategy would need to contain vast amounts of money and a huge deal of patience. A microniche keyword phrase in this particular industry would look something like “web hosting for non profit organizations”.

The searches are much lower but as you can see the person who entered this is looking for a highly targeted service and website. How can a microniche strategy benefit your business? If you utilize and SEO company in your Internet marketing efforts, have them investigate microniche keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and propose a strategy to gain relevancy in them for your online venture. These microniche terms may be slipping under the radar of other Internet marketers allowing you to secure keyword rich domain names and getting first page placement in a much shorter time frame then a non-microniche keyword phrase.

While microniche keyword phrases may only have a fraction of the monthly searches that non-microniche searches have, the fact that they are so specific will help you convert visitors to your website into customers at a much higher rate. Target several microniche terms and you just may notice that your microniche Internet marketing strategy outperforms your previous efforts.