Mobile Web Optimisation service

mobile web optimisation service.thumbnail Mobile Web Optimisation serviceWebandrank offer web optimisation service (Mobile SEO) and Digital Asset Optimisation service (DAO) for  mobile development but Ektron  is one of those technology firms  in the mobile software service that lots of people inadvertently use without knowing it.They are a company that design software for web content management around the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Their main product is the CMS400.NET, this toolkit allows webmasters to build a web site, manage content, deploy DIY SEO, pull in all elements of Web 2.0; basically it’s an all in one package for website development. According to Ektron more than 7,500 organisations already use this package.
There is a buzz around the Ektron camp as it hopes to spring board its latest software into the mainstream. We all know that mobile technology is the one to watch; the expectation is that mobile devices will be the most common device used to access the Web by 2013.
Ektron are offering free demos of its eMobile tools which are a key component of their web content management platform. eMobile tools will allow you to:

Mobile Web Optimisation Service

  • Construct websites around the ‘One Web’ principle.
  • Develop your mobile web with the use of HTML5.
  • Create a mobile-enabled web instead of having to build applications for specific mobile devices.
  • Analyse site traffic and access data.
  • Conduct multivariate testing to find out the best content, layout and messaging for mobile viewers.

If you would like to register for a demo then click this link. The future is mobile and sites that have not been developed for mobile use will be left behind. Webandrank service suggests that building a mobile-enabled web is much better than having to develop scores of smaller ‘apps’ for all the different mobile-devices that exist out there.