More Social Media Increase Your Market Intelligence

intelligence social media webandrank.thumbnail More Social Media Increase Your Market IntelligenceWebandrank is back again to help you improve your Social Media Efforts. All the Social Media bloggers keep saying how you can enhance your Social Media accounts for maximum optimisation, what exactly are all these techniques? Well here’s some for your people, enjoy using them.
The following techniques are suitable for online business owners and SEO people trying to get ahead using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most of us created these Social Media accounts as standard procedure but they’re not worth much without utilises them properly.
Fan Pages
Facebook has a great tool called Facebook fan page, it can be used to build up a community around products, people, services and pretty much anything. It is no secret that Facebook is sucking up the majority of surfing minutes, with an estimated global usage of 4 billion minutes a day.
Modern media is fantastic because words are no longer the standard norm. You can transmit a message through pictures, graphics, diagrams, videos and anyway imaginable using the plethora of software programs available on our PCs. Do what you can to include all the forms of media on your Facebook page, everybody loves watching a cool video, laughing at a funny picture or being mesmerized by some nice graphics.
Content is King
Try to add exclusive content on your Facebook page to make your friends/fans feel special. This means making the content different from your blog to your Facebook page. Give people a reason to go back and check the latest update.
Everybody Loves Freebies and Discounts
Offer people incentives to join your Facebook group, make sure the giveaways and discounts are relevant to the audience you are targeting, such as hair product discounts if your audience is women aged 21-45. These kind of incentives help to make your message go viral.
Is Facebook Really For You

Our experiences of Facebook are that it suits some markets better than others. For me Facebook is like an online nightclub or student union bar. Things like fashion, music, budget holidays, night life, and computer gaming amongst others do very well on Facebook. If you sell knitting patterns, fences, watering cans or these more everyday items then maybe Facebook is not for you. Anything’s worth try though!
Tweet tweet
Twitterfeed is cool and don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t. Of all the RSS feed submitters TwitterFeed is probably the best. RSS feeds are nice because when you update your blog it will notify other platforms including your Facebook page and Twitter account.
TwitterFeed is super easy to install, 1) create an account 2) add RSS feeds to your Twitter and Facebook accounts 3) use the statistics in the dashboard to see how many people view these feeds.
Going Viral
This used to be the term coming out the mouths of all the top marketers a few years ago but it is not as widely used these days. This is exactly what all of us are trying to do with our messages, you need things to go viral, and once this happens you can expect your traffic to really improve. Once a funny video, breathtaking image, a ground-breaking piece of writing picks up momentum, more and more people want to experience the piece of media. Media messages grow exponentially; a slow start but once the momentum builds the popularity shoots through the roof. Creating a piece of media that goes viral is the true goal of anyone that owns a Social Media account.