My Guest Blog and Do/No Follow

my blog guest webndrank.thumbnail My Guest Blog and Do/No FollowWebandrank has recently been working with My Guest Blog to find guest bloggers for the W.A.R blog.Finding guest bloggers is a great way to bring new voices to the table and expand the reach of your blog. My Guest Blog is a great platform to bring blogs and bloggers together. It is a simple you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours sort of a deal, if somebody writes a blog post for you then they get to drop in a link to their website and the blog hosting the guest will get free content.
The question then must be, who is checking the quality of the links and should the links be nofollow or dofollow.
What exactly is nofollow and dofollow? Basically nofollow is an HTML attribute included in hyperlinks to turn off the link juice tap. This means that the website with the link will not pass on any ranking authority to the website that the link links to.
Nofollow was originally created in 2005 to stop spammers abusing public areas such as blog comments. The nofollow is not a negative vote against the site it just stops spammers tapping into the link juice for free.
Nofollow has now become widely used by most blog platforms, social networks and any other platform that allows users to submit content.
Nofollow is not at all negative a nofollow link on a very popular blog is still great for the landing page the link is linked to. The link will not help your rank immediately but it will drive traffic to the website eventually helping the page rank.
On the other hand dofollow is a normal link, the term dofollow has been coined by the community of techies who believe that comments or twitter accounts are legitimate contributions to the Web and there is no reason why they should be nofollowed.
Webandrank recently received a blog article from My Guest Blog. The article was about techie web stuff but the link in the article was for a wine merchant. This is effectively spam, My Guest Blog are now threatening to remove us from their membership if we do not dofollow all links. This is a copy of the email sent to Webandrank.
Hey there,
We have a strict rule that guest bloggers providing you with free content have to be rewarded with a direct “dofollow” links in the by-line.
You were reported for adding “nofollow” to guest bloggers’ links. Please remove all nofollow attributes from all by-line links or I will have to ban you from this forum.
The fact is that it is great to have articles from My Guest Bog but they are not essential for our operation. It is better to have a blog with a little but genuine content instead of a blog full of bulls**t content and irrelevant links.
It is amazing that nobody at My Guest Blog seems to be checking the quality of links in the articles they post up in the forum. Webandrank is a genuine website, we offer great content, have an established core business that works outside of the website and we are not spammers.
Webandrank could write an article everyday with a link to our contact page and post these on the My Guest Blog forum. These articles will be essentially spam but webandrank is trying to use the service as ethically as possible.
How can My Guest Blog make us dofollow everybody when a lot of the bloggers are spammers.
Later on in the conversation My Guest Blog states ‘So did you expect the members of this forum to give you content for free and never ask anything in return?’ We are giving them a link and driving traffic to their site but we are not giving any juice. The webandrank site as stated above is a genuine website full of useful tools and information. We may not be offering the juice but the link is still very valuable.
After a long discussion it would appear as if somebody has their head screwed on over at My Guest Blog, they will allow us to be discriminate with who we do and do not follow. My Guest Blog states ‘Then just don’t publish the post that seems not good enough for the dofollow link. Deal? ONLY publish those posts that you think is worth a link or DISCUSS this with the owner. It is not a good thing to do to use the content and quietly nofollow links – this is not allowed here’. Last part is the most important, speak with the owner to strike a deal.
It is up to us to decide, if the post is good and the link is relevant then we will of course follow the link. It is also up to the writer if they want us to post their article with nofollow links. There are no rules anywhere that state you should dofollow the people, do you think that facebook, twitter, webpronews etc have dofollow links?
Webandrank is looking forward to a fruitful relationship with My Guest Blog their open attitude towards this do/nofollow means that blogs and bloggers can arrange the most appropriate deals. Webandrank would like to see greater discretion when it comes to the links in the articles; we are prepared to dofollow those links that are really worth it