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Here at webandrank we are happy to get a lot of emails from bloggers who want to help us improve the W.A.R blog. Topics that we and our readers find particularly interesting are internet creativity, business, social media, pro SEO and related topics.

We accept guest posts from anyone subject to our guidelines, you can produce your content and put it in a great SEO blog with benefits for everyone.  Below you can find all the details about our  friendly guidelines.

To work as a guest blogger for webandrank we expect great and original content, webandrank does accept nonsense link but does accept somesense link. Having a presence in the webandrank blog is  extremely helpful in bringing in targeted traffic to your site and all our articles rank very high in search engines. Your post will be used for no purpose other than to be posted on our blog, all authors will still own the rights to their work.

Tips and Guidelines for My Guest Post at Webandrank Blog


    * Your goal is to receive as much quality, targeted traffic as possible.

    * Before writing on a topic search in our archive to see if that topic has been covered already.

    * The article must be over 500 words.

    * The article must be original and must have never been published before online.

    * You agree to not publish the post anywhere else online.

    * For your link strategy the link must be placed at the botton.

    * Promote your Webandrank post  through bookmarking sites.

    * All of these promotion techniques are free.

    * We want to see your opinion clearly stated in the blog post.

    * We don’t work for the secret police so send any opinion you like.

    * Need a guest post idea? write to My Guest Post.


How do I Submit My Guest Post?

If you have a post that meets the guidelines above, you can send it via  email and include the guest article, in 24 hours we will reply to you.

Happy writing.