MyLife the People Search Engine

MyLife the People Search Engine2 291x300 MyLife the People Search EngineMost people are ignorant to the fact that in early 2009 and Wink came together to form MyLife. MyLife is a people search engine, it lets you find people online.

This week MyLife published statistics showing just how lucrative the people search business can be.

MyLife uses social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace; it also gathers data from public records. It is very good at finding people. MyLife allows you to send messages to people who are members of the site.

According to founder and CEO Jeffrey Tinsley the site gets 26 million unique monthly visitors and that MyLife has 41 million registered members. The site is growing too, with 2.4 million Americans joining every month. The database consists of 205 million U.S. records out of a possible 1.2 billion records worldwide.

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Tinsley and the accounting department are boasting massive figures for 2010. They estimate that revenue for 2010 will be $60 million with an expected 40% growth in 2011.

MyLife sits somewhere between a telephone directory and a social network. The people search company considers Facebook, Twitter etc to be their rivals, but MyLife does not have any social features other than the search and message functions. The fact that they use the existing social networks for search means they can’t live without them.

The other side of the coin is that people search is set to be big business. A Forrestor study predicts that by 2013 people search will be a $10.8 billion industry, a figure not to be sniffed at.

If MyLife the peoples search engine takes of around Europe in the same way it has in North America then it is an Internet goliath to be watched. A people search engine has the potential to make billions.