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linkpop New ranking

How your web site or blog rank after the new Alexa Ranking system, will be much closer to what you asked for?

The new system aggregate data from multiple sources to give you a better indication of website popularity among the entire population of Internet users . Where they are anonimously computed to present the traffic rankings shown as the new Alexa Ranking . The three month change is obtained by matching up the current rank with its rank from the previous three months , perahaps Alexa removed the old rankings system . Related new rank listings can be ordered by popularity , user rating , alphabetically.
Peoples with Alexa Toolbar visit your site still one important source to feed the new algoritm so encouraging your readers to install the official Alexa toolbar, Sparky , webmaster are welcome to increase more your pages viewed by Alexa Toolbar users so multiple views on the same page by the same user on the same day are counted once for the new method.
The new rankings should better reflect the interests and surfing habits of the broader population of Web users and support you getting a better advertisement offer or increase your web authority.
Another advantage you get from Alexa new ranking is to provides the clear view of your web site and your competitors performance comparison and also whe the visitor come in yours pages for the first time and they saw your site no ranked
they would think that they’re the only one visiting the web site and very few else did. This can affect your sell and popularity they just the site,but having a significant Alexa Rank can provide more reason for trust your products and services.
I think the new ranking is more reliable than previous one. Before the publisher can manipulate the ranking by just install the Alexa toolbar and visit the site many times to increase the ranking, but the new system have better calculation
about the factors like;demographic distribution,the amount of users who might not use the toolbar and geolocations.
I believe has finally understood that its ranking system, although which was a sort of industry standard, was not quite authentic because it was dependent only on its toolbar users.
Now you can easily compare your website’s performance and you should take into more consideration your audience for the right Web site monetization strategy.