New Google Algorithm Update, This One Worked Better Than That One?

penguins.thumbnail New Google Algorithm Update, This One Worked Better Than That One?A few days ago Google introduced an update that lets one domain dominate search results.
Before this update Google would only allow two results from one domain on a single result page. Many people had been reporting that they had seen single domains dominating a single page, for example the first seven of 10 organic-natural results come from if you search IPod ; Google has now confirmed that they have updated the algorithm. If you remember at the beginning of the month Peter Norvig of Google made the clear point that diversity matters when it comes to minority views. Mr Norvig stated ‘for the second [search result], you don’t want something that’s almost the same as the first. [Users] prefer diversity’, is this idea being lost in the new update.


google alghoritm webandrank New Google Algorithm Update, This One Worked Better Than That One?


Samarth Keshava, a software engineer from Google stated that ‘for queries that indicate a string user interest in a particular domain…we’ll now show more results from the relevant site’. If you take ‘Tate Modern’ as a example prior to this update you would only get a maximum of two results from the domain ‘’ but now you can see five. A search term as specific as ‘Tate Modern’ means the searcher is clearly looking for this art gallery and may be able to find the thing they are looking for easier with more than two search results from that domain.

Keshava goes onto say that ‘[Google] is always reassessing our ranking and user interface, making hundreds of changes each year…We expect today’s improvement will help users find deeper results from a single site, while still providing diversity on the results page.’

The question Webandrank asks Mr Keshava is how will this affect small businesses? Again Google is messing around with organic search results and this may mean that more small businesses and other sites will disappear from the first few Google search result pages. Many businesses rely on tourism from the Tate Modern gallery, such as hotels, restaurants and transport, but the Tate also relies on these businesses to function. If the smaller business websites fall of the search results this is bad news for them.

The revenue from Adwords will continue to grow and this can be indicated by Google’s growing stock value and search share. It seems that the general opinion is that this is yet another Google update that is not wanted by the people and will have expand the Adwords business.