Nextstop Introduce Travel Guide to Facebook’s Users

travel facebook webandrank.thumbnail Nextstop Introduce Travel Guide to Facebooks UsersOne week ago Google announced that it acquired the travel industry giant ITA Software. Facebook is now going to follow suit and acquire NEXTSTOP a travel recommendations firm. The social media giant is yet again gulping down a smaller organisation; let’s hope the users of Nextstop do not suffer from this acquisition.

The firm Nextstop is a company that helps travellers planning their journeys by giving travel recommendations. The mission statement of Nextstop has been to “to make it dramatically easier to discover great things to do anywhere in the world”. It has built up a library of guides, travellers’ recommendations and a nice community over the last two years.

Here comes the bad news, Nextstop will shut down, to the dismay of its users, on 1st September due to the Facebook acquisition. Of course the Nextstop team are pleading with their users, suggesting that they will be able to achieve greater things when working with Facebook.

Interestingly a notice posted up Nextstop’s site explained that they will be releasing, under a Creative Commons license, the nextstop database of places and recommendations. They want to make it possible for other products either already in existence or yet to be created to capture the collective knowledge of the nextstop community. The database includes nearly 100,000 recommendations for places around the world.

I wonder how they will integrate this with the tool ‘where I’ve been’. It could be an interesting development in travel information shared on Facebook. The terms of this deal, as with the Woot acquisition by Amazon, have not been disclosed; the Webandrank team for one would like to know how much Facebook paid for Nextstop.