Nielsen Consumer Panel Service

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Consumer solutions, competitive advantage

Success in brand planning, account reviews and strategic marketing comes from understanding your market and changing your consumers’ behaviour towards your brand and your competitors’ brands, and to the accounts they frequent. To do this, you must know what makes your consumer tick.

Nielsen Consumer Panels reveal actual consumer purchasing behaviour at a category, segment and product level. Understanding purchasing dynamics such as number of buyers, how much they buy, their loyalty, purchase frequency, repeat buying and brand switching, as well as understanding shoppers, who they are and where they shop, means that strategies can be created and revised in response to market opportunities and threats.

Nielsen Consumer Panels provide solutions to business issues such as:

* Who should we target?
* Should we continue with the current marketing/sales initiatives?
* How can we reverse our declining brand share?
* How can we encourage buyers to be more loyal to our brands and dissuade switching to competitor products?
* How can I maximise share within a retailer?
* Should we continue to support our new brands?
* How can we convince a specific account to improve our ranging?

Nielsen Consumer Panels are demographically balanced to represent the national population of the individual countries and are readable at the regional, local market and retail account level. The consumer insights delivered by these panels represent the definitive source for understanding purchase behaviour and shopping patterns for any segment of the population across all retail outlet types.

As the global leader in consumer panels, Nielsen offers unparalleled expertise and innovation in panel design and development to guarantee comparable, indepth consumer insights across multiple markets.