One of the Most Influential Women in Technology in 2009 and 2010

This title was offered to GINA TRAPANI by the Fast Company earlier this year and will all justification to.
Trapani caught the attention of Webandrank back in 2005 when she created the Lifehacker blog; Wired magazine awarded her the Rave Award in 2006 for the great work she accomplished on this blog.
Gina is one of the true professionals stirring up some healthy jealously in most of us bloggers. She is a programmer, tech-blogger and author. The New York times recently included her in a list of the nine best people to follow on twitter, according to the NYtimes her tweeting style is ‘logging the intersection of life and technology’ an apt way to put it.
She has the unique skills to really motivate people in the work place and improve productivity.  The book ‘Upgrade Your Life: the Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better’ does exactly that and is a clever compendium of all the best articles from the Lifehacker blog. The latest book ‘The Complete Guide to Google Wave’ is an ingenious move from Trapani as it provides a manual for the new Google tool, something Google forgot to do.
On she states that her current developing activities involve ThinkUp which is a web-based platform for gathering insights from social networks; working towards better Firefox extensions and in particular a better Gmail 2; and finally a simple shell script for managing a text-based task list called Todo.txt Command Line Interface.
Talk about a prolific work ethic, over at Fast Company Trapani has been producing a set of articles called Work Smart 2 which is a weekly productivity Q&A. The articles include useful information for the everyday office environment such as ‘Take Back Your Calendar With Defensive Scheduling‘ and ‘Unconventional Cures For Meeting-itis‘.
Not so long ago Webandrank reported on the lack of women in SEO, SEM and the world of computer technology in general; it is great to see this young women leading the charge in tech-blogging, software development and other areas of computer geekery. Webandrank takes it’s hat off for truly one of the most influential women in technology.