Online Gambling Addiction Growing

game online webandrank Online Gambling Addiction GrowingAs we have all seen and heard in the news kids are becoming addicted to online gambling, however it is not only the kids but also women that are finding themselves addicted. Online gambling addiction increases year on year and was seen as a predominately male past time, but did you know that it is now women and kids not men who spend more time in front of the computer playing poker and bingo? The incentive of a  gambling promotional code whether it be Ladbrokes free bet codes or any other, helps entice the kids and women who have a lot of spare time on their hands and find themselves drawn to the site sometimes purely out of boredom.

Women for example would not dream of walking into a betting shop or going alone to a casino and as they can access these sites from the comfort of their homes they are more inclined to have a flutter and this also goes for the thousands of younger gamblers too.

Women seem to try their hand at online gambling to inject a little excitement into their mundane daily routines or if their partners travelled and worked away from home a lot. The vast majority of the women get a rush from betting and see it as a much needed injection of adrenaline to spice up their boring daily routines. However there are those how become seriously addicted and end up losing large amounts of money which their partners know nothing of. There is no deterrent for women and kids when betting online and it can easily get out of control and end up taking over their lives.

Most, if not all of the 2,000 plus betting websites regularly receive bad press as it is thought they are only interested in the profits. Obviously they do promote responsible betting and make sure that they have daily, weekly and monthly limits to prohibit huge spending and there is also readily available help for people that do find themselves becoming addicted for example GamCare and like most other sites they donate large amounts of money to the Responsibility in Gambling Trust.

As the on line gambling industry is projected to increase readily over the coming years these promotional codes will become more and more available to entice potential customers to try their hand at online gambling. A lot of fun can be had online but it is recommended that you practice responsible gambling.