OWNI Tracking the New world Order

OWNI Tracking the New world Order 150x140 OWNI Tracking the New world OrderGet your Google translate at the ready because there’s a French blog that is tearing up the scene.

Tom Wersinger is a French SEO specialist with an eye for creative design. OWNI a digital journalism magazine/blog is his creation and is very cool.

Over the last week the traffic rank for the OWNI magazine has shot up indicating that something has got people watching. It is without doubt the Statelogs, the cat is definitely out of the bag and Pandora‚Äôs Box is wide open after Mr. Assange’s newest leak over on wikileaks. Owni has built the Statelog application as a way for people to browse the wikileak information easily with the ability to comment and rate.

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OWNI Tracking the New world Order

On the homepage of the OWNI site you must scroll down to about half way and the Statelog application is on the left hand side. It will be handy to use Google translate as soon as you get onto the site to translate from French to English. The first article ‘Statelogs: Depth of More than Transparency’ explains how they feel about the wikileaks and the new release of 250,000 diplomatic documents. Underneath this they have an update section with the Statelog application being the most recent, above the link ‘Statelog: A New World?’ click the British flag and you can start to browse the logs.

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Look at the most viewed today

The application lets you search, look at the most viewed today, popular memos and popular tags. If you have a comment, then go ahead and do it.

After trying to use the Statelog system I have found it confusing to access, with the translation not always up to scratch. It seems to be pretty hastily put together but I admire OWNI for building the application.

Typical of the French to turn the sword buried deep in the chest of the USA. On the other hand these leaks affect everybody and are especially embarrassing for Middle Eastern leaders.