Pay-Per-Click Vs. SEO Service

Pay Per Click Vs. SEO Service2 Pay Per Click Vs. SEO ServicePay-Per-Click Vs. SEO Service

Google and other pay-per-click based advertising services love to tell you how awesome it is to spend money and get targeted traffic through their PPC and sponsored search programs.  We’re sure you’ve done some searching, at the largest search engine on the planettrans Pay Per Click Vs. SEO Service and noticed all those highlighted searches at the top of the results as well as the paid spots in the sidebar.  While PPC traffic does have its benefits, spending some time, effort and part of your promotional budget on SEO services will definitely assist you in securing long-term organic traffic at a much lower cost.

Many companies struggle with the pay-per-click vs. SEO dilemma and wonder how much they should attribute to each.  PPC traffic is ideal if you’re looking to boost traffic in a very short timeframe and don’t mind spending a large chunk of cash per visitor.  While Google’s minimum is $0.12 per visitor, most search terms and keyword phrases have a large amount of competition so it could cost you dramatically more to get people to your website using their services.

SEO on the other hand has an initial outlay of your promotion budget into various forms of promotion including optimization of your current content, securing backlinks, article marketing and other tricks your SEO company has up its sleeve.  Initially the efforts may be slow going in getting traffic to your website but with time, patience and consistent effort your search engine placements will improve and generate a stream of traffic that is targeted in nature and will have a much longer life span then your pay per click budget.

If you have a limited amount of money to spend to market your website or online venture, it’s much better to put that budget into SEO services to generate organic traffic then to buy a very limited number of visitors from a pay-per-click service.