PayPal on your BlackBerry

paypal blackberry.thumbnail PayPal on your BlackBerryTransfer money from person to person via Blackberry
Some peoples need payPal App inside the BlackBerry smathphone for check the personal balance,send money to the supplier or family and also view in real time past transaction and history, so what you need to get the application? just go to  and download for free.After log in, enter the amount and the recipient’s phone number or email address, and the rest is a snap. You can even send money in 23 different currencies.   And to make it easier, you can choose to send money with PayPal directly from your contact list.
screenhunter 05 oct 17 1227 PayPal on your BlackBerry

Great for checking your balance not good as you can’t transfer money to your bank accountIts not very useful to ebay sellers. You can only send money to another person.But its good for checking balances or paying / sending money.Any payment is confirmed by a PIN or password, so there’s no need to worry if you lose your mobil phone.
You can use PayPal Mobile through text messaging,follow the steps in this link in order to start using and activate PayPal Mobile