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report a site to google 150x146 Rank Checker Software I’m going to run briefly through the top rank checkers software and give you some basic information about them, plus I’ll be discussing which I use and why I like this particular one.This article review won’t be either exhaustive or highly researched simply because I’ve sat back and listened to what others have said about the various tools out there and then found something which made sense…, which I jumped on.So some of what I’m putting down here is purely hearsay and not first-hand information but what I’ll be telling you will be based on what I’ve actually read online as well as various conversations I’ve had with others who’ve used the various programs.  I’ll be upfront now and tell you that I haven’t tested all the software thoroughly myself but I can tell you that I’m pretty much ahead with the latest in SEO.

I won’t be comparing prices as I think that most of the software charge a reasonable and fair amount but they all have a trial/free version for you to try out before you commit to buy.  By the end of this article, you should, at the very least, have a list of 5 programs on which you can do some further research and make your choice.Market Samurai was originally my rank checker of choice, simply as I wasn’t checking many keywords, but it was way too slow.  Moreover, as I got more serious about SEO, I felt I wanted to move onto something different and then Advanced Web Ranking dropped in performance, claiming that Google had made changes that affected their rank checker software. Speculation was that they could no longer economically support the huge amount of rank checks made on their servers each day so they shut down whilst they re-evaluated their system.  They’ve since re-opened but shutting down gave me a good excuse to start using a better rank checker.

I use only Advanced Web Ranking , don’t get me wrong; I use their keyword research and competition analysis tools all the time and I still believe it’s a great investment for these purposes, but for rank checking, I can’t really recommend it.So you may be asking who exactly are the big players that are being used by those in the know about SEO?  I’ll be listing them here and giving you a few details about each one, then it’s your personal choice which one you decide to go for.



Rank Checker

Micro Site Masters

Market Samurai

Link Assistant


Clever Stat


Tracking your website search engine placement efforts is very important. Without it you simply cannot estimate how well you’re doing and what should be your next step in order to be in the top of your market.