Rank Track Resumes

the resumation webandrank.thumbnail Rank Track ResumesAs HR departments all over America hatch evil plans to destroy the Resumator, Don Charlton counts how many figures he has in the bank,applicant rank and tracking system makes collaborative hiring paperless and easy.

TheResumator is a service founded by Don Charlton that helps businesses save time and money on finding and recruiting new staff. The service replaces the old and slow HR inbox with an online recruiting platform. The platform can be used by companies to advertise jobs and by job hunters to upload resumes (or CV’s as we call them in Blighty). The tool is super cool as it is fully collaborative between both parties in the job recruiting game and completely removes paper from the equation.

The word on the street is that theResumator is really helping businesses of all sizes make hiring new employees more cost effective and much more intuitive. HR departments always complain about inboxes full of resumes that are all shapes and sizes. Job hunters use all sorts of different word processes and name their resumes all sorts of weird names. That is another bonus of this handy little system, it unifies the data, making it that much easier to manage.

On the website it highlights a four step system that delivers resume to employer. First step add all vacant positions to theResumator, then theResumator will publish these vacant positions to many free job boards around the web, and then resume’s are collected sorted and indexed, finally employers can easily view resumes.

The system is very neat as it; eliminates the need to receive resumes by email, reduces your work load by posting all your vacant positions to free job boards and social networks for you, you can sift through stacks of resumes that have been pre-sorted, allows you to search the text of every resume just like a normal word document, resumes can be ranked and tracked, lastly the applicants and events can be tracked in real time.

Don Charlton is one smart guy, his 10 years of experience in marketing software gives him the edge in this field. The experience Webandrank has with the hiring of new employees indicates that this will be one useful piece of software. Dealing with a hundred resumes is resource intensive and boring at best. Being able to quickly search a database of relevant resumes will help so many companies to save time and money.

As a supporter of the Greenscroll organisation Webandrank likes the idea of paper free resumes. In this day and age there is no need for documents like that to be in a paper format.

Fair play to Don and theResumator.