Renewable Energy in Europe Still Looking Strong in the Face of Economic Recession

energy webandrank.thumbnail Renewable Energy in Europe Still Looking Strong in the Face of Economic RecessionOrganisations, like Greenscroll, who help websites to go ‘green’ will be delighted by this news.

Last year the installation of European renewable energy plants reached record levels and is set to continue to grow over the next decade.

We at Webandrank are members of the Greenscroll organisation, if you don’t know what that is; take a look at Green Marketing Strategies. As a London based SEO company that believes in making the web greener we think this is great news for the Greenscroll project. We have all been feeling effects of the recession and the cut backs in government spending but it seems as if things are still looking good for renewable energy projects.

A report from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Brussels suggests that even though the German parliament approved a reduction in price supports for solar power, and the Spanish government reduced solar incentives last year, renewable energy will continue to grow.

German based solar power companies warned that if the proposed reductions in incentives are carried out this would, for sure, damage the solar industry. Arnulf Jager-Waldau a scientist working for the Joint Research Centre, is not so sure that this is the case. He thinks that the solar power lobby group is doing a great job in overstating their case; it’s likely that German solar panel manufacturers will face challenges but the installers will still generate a nice profit.

Here are some nice stats for you to show how Europe is doing with renewable energy development. The stats are from the European Commission.

It is estimated that in 2009 European utilities and developers installed
10.2 gigawatts of new wind farms
5.8 gigawatts of photovoltaic panels and solar thermal power
These new installations account for 62 percent of all new electricity generation.

The member states of the European Union have confirmed their intention to install plenty more new plants in keeping with the E.U’s Renewable Energy Directive. The hope of this directive is to jump Europe’s use of renewable’s up to 20 percent of total energy consumption from 8.5 percent by 2020. European states will be hoping to avoid heavy fines from the European Court of Justice by meeting these targets.

It is largely accepted that German and Spanish reduction in photovoltaic’s incentives came about because the incentives were overly generous. The incentives required utility companies to buy renewable power at premium prices.  This put the generators of solar power in an unfair position and hurt the pocket of the utilities and their consumers. The shock that these reductions are having on the system seems to be positive, speeding up the manufacturing of solar panels and reducing their price.

For sure the green technology industry is one to watch. Disasters like the BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico are making brown fuels very unfashionable. As stated above Webandrank are very pleased that Europe continues to grow its renewable energy industry and let’s hope we can have more page views powered by green energy.

The other thing to think about is that green energy companies will be looking to get ahead in the marketplace; SEO, SEM and social media are going to the main tactics these companies will use to promote themselves. Webandrank will be there with contracts ready to sign.