Search Alliance Yahoo with Microsoft Test!

screenhunter 03 jul 22 1918.thumbnail Search Alliance Yahoo with Microsoft Test!Yahoo! has announced on their blog that they have started testing organic/algorithmic and paid search listings from Microsoft (SEARCH ALLIANCE SPECIFIC). The testing will effect up to 25% of Yahoo! Search traffic in the US.

Yahoo! does not have any plans to change the overall lay out and look of the Yahoo! Search page; the primary change will simply be that the listings will come from Microsoft. For those of you that may fall into the Yahoo! testing will notice small differences in the displaying of select search results, this is due to a variety of product configurations being tested.

Shown in the screenshot below are yellow boxed search results rank coming from the Microsoft platform. The rest of the platform is unchaged.

screenhunter 01 jul 22 1906 Search Alliance Yahoo with Microsoft Test!

In the months to come, Yahoo! will be integrating Microsoft’s mobile organic and paid search listings. If you are a user of Yahoo! Mobile in the U.S. or Canada you will see Microsoft organic and paid search listings on their mobile phones.

Yahoo! expects that all U.S. and Canadian organic search listings in both desktop and mobile formats will be fully powered by Microsoft platform by August/September and all paid search by October.

The battle begins without restrictions, from both the U.S. Department of Justice and the EU Commission; will Yahoo! powered by Microsoft be able to take on the goliath of Google? Let’s hope that it offers a great search platform and a great alternative to Google.