SEO Job Titles

seo job titles 150x150 SEO Job TitlesToday have a job in SEO is a great opportunity of career, all over U.S. the number of well payed workplaces in the industry is growing fast with a large variety of sectors. Among many choices, you simply need to be able to find the right place for you and the salary that fits your work performance.Thanks to the growth of mobile Internet, social media, local search and behavioral targeting, Search engine optimization jobs is now one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S., Based on data from Onward Search’s proprietary Recruitics™ job posting software, the company saw a 64% increase in SEO job openings year over year.

Onward Search, the leading staff agency for internet marketing in the country, provides a simple infographic guide to help SEO professionals find the best career opportunities and get the right salary that suits their skills in the United States.First, the SEO salary guide, according to, identifies the 20 areas where SEO job title opportunities are more present. The East coast and the West coast are at the top of the list, indeed we find New York followed closely by Los Angeles and San Francisco. Here all the SEO job listing according to


SEO Customer Service Manager

Data and traking Analytic

Director of Marketing

Director of SEO

Director of Search Engine Marketing

Email Marketing Manager

Internet Journalist

Build Link Campaign Manager

Manager of Applications Development

Marketing Data Analyst

Online Advertising Manager

PPC Account Manager

SEM Account Manager

SEM Engineer

SEO Engineer

International Search Engine Marketing Specialist

Search Engine Optimizer

Search Strategist

Online Media Manager

Web Developer

Social Media Manager

Web Designer

Web Project Manager


Then the guide shows a breakdown of the six most common SEO related job titles based on Onward Search’s total SEO job postings. During 2011 the most common job titles were: SEO Manager (27% of job postings), SEO Analyst/ Specialist (25% of job postings) and SEO/ Search Marketing Director (21% of job postings).This great guide also includes a salary chart for the 5 most comon job titles within the top 20 cities, with data obtained from This valuable range of salaries, which emphasizes the earning potential of each region, will help SEOs across the country make more informed decisions about their career paths.

SEO salary Informations Guide for the Top 20 U.S. Markets is available in the Onward Search Career Center at . If you are really looking for a SEO job with career opportunitiy visit the website or visit them on Facebook and Twitter for the la test news.