SEO Work for a Surf Company

webandrank surf.thumbnail SEO Work for a Surf CompanyToday we had an interesting client visit our office. Jimbo Pellegrine is a surfer entrepreneur who has his fingers in many pies but hopes to make it big time with Big Boy Trading. Most of the guys at the office are keen surfers (well, they do live in the land of the most constant swells producing fantastic rides all year round). It will be fun doing SEO work for a surf company.
His story is an interesting one and worth repeating here, check out the awesome pics, this dude can seriously surf.
Jimbo Pellegrine was born in LA California where he started surfing at the age of 3!. His dad is a hard working Italian American contractor and surfer, it was Jimbo’s father who passed down a hard work ethic and surfing to him.
Jim moved to Hawaii when he was born and spent 15 years of his life there. He was back and forth from California and Hawaii his whole life.
He was working for a company out of Hanalei Kauai called “Grass Shack Productions“. Grass shack productions is a great surf film production company owned by a super guy named Joel Guy.
Grass Shack Productions produced and filmed a surf movie called “Crossing The Line “ starring legendary surfer Bruce Irons and many others. Jimbo was also a featured surfer in this movie, he was filmed ending a great tube ride at a heavy spot in Hawaii called Cannons, where he surfed regularly with the Kauai shredders including the legendary Bruce and Andy Irons.


06 SEO Work for a Surf Company

Jimbo was able to broker a deal with Borders books and music where he made the Borders best sellers list 6 months straight. He was able to make enough money to spend his first season surfing the terrifying reefs of Indonesia.
He was always a bit bigger and quite a misfit for such a great surfing talent. He came to Bali Indonesia in 2004, dominating the Indian Ocean swells getting barreled and shredding up the waves.


surf seo SEO Work for a Surf Company

Jimbo decided he wanted to stay in Asia and used the garment trade to do this. He founded a company called Silk Always 100%. He started designing and manufacturing silk products in Bali mainly boxer under wear and silk pajamas. Shortly after he went to the ASR trade show in San Diego for his surfing sponsors this was a great opportunity for him to show some of his SILK products and people loved them.
Many surf and skate wear companies saw his product and after only six months Jimbo was taking sizable orders from numerous American and foreign companies.
Now 5 years later his is the owner of Big Boy Trading Co. In Indonesia and Thailand he is the licensed distributor of Lost and Seedless (surf companies that have sponsored him for many years).
Lost, is the current number one surfboard manufacturer and label in the world. The founder and shaper Matt Biolos aka Mayhem has been awarded shaper of the year and is the lead designer for new school technology surfboards. The Lost clothing line is fresh and exiting with a core roots, surf and skate theme. The clothing line has a fresh better than the rest attitude and has won the infamous SIMA award for best sales and marketing campaign of the year at the 2009 surfer poll awards.

Seedless Clothing Co. is a fresh California based company taking inspiration from surf, skate, hip hop and green living. Seedless is doing sales everywhere and running green.  Think green and grow your mind

SEO Work
Jimbo will be launching his new website and it will be down to Web and Rank to make him visible and rank in the search engines. He will be taking internet orders for Lost Indonesia, Seedless and Always 100% silk. He will also offer a wide range of plus sizes in these brands with a  link to all of his businesses and vacation villas in Bali, Indonesia.