Site Speed is the New Factor in Google Search Rankings

46376289 2ae19baa66 m1thumbnail1.thumbnail Site Speed is the New Factor in Google Search RankingsFor those of you that are trying to stay ahead of the SEO game you might be interested to know that Google  has introduced a new factor into their search algorithm. The new factor is site speed, “what is site speed?” I hear you ask. Quite simple really, it is how long it takes your web pages to load. If you a have site that takes forever to load you will now be disadvantaged over a site that has superior loading speeds. The truth is you do need speed, speed will optimise the browsers user experience which will improve your chances of capturing potential clients. Webandrank can tell you some reasons why  site speed  is important:Visitors to your website will have an improved user experience. There is nothing more frustrating than a slow loading website, swift loading is easy to use and gives a feeling of professionalism.

It will act as a search engine optimization (SEO) tool helping your site to rank higher on Google searches.

The faster your site moves the more clients it can process. Not only does  site speed  improve user experience it increases the amount of user traffic. Fast usable websites become popular quickly, I have often passed on web addresses of sites I have enjoyed using knowing that my friends will also enjoy using that site.

Increased user’s means increased page views, which means an advertising friendly website.

This one might shock you, it is possible to save money and be a greener user of the Internet. If a page loads faster it means less data needs to transfer from the server which reduces the amount of energy and space your server uses. With the Internet nearly overtaking the Aviation Industry in carbon emissions it is important that we maximise server usage to save energy. Also, if you pay your web host based on how much data is transfered this cost will be decreased.

How can I improve my  site speed ?

Poor /narrow Internet connection from overloaded servers. If this is the case you might want to switch your web host.

Be careful with the use of Flash, it makes pages load slower, has non-indexable content and does not include positive ranking HTML factors.

Check the size of the images you are using, big images make sites load slower.

Is your HTML code size too big, have you thought about converting your site to CSS for layout?

If you are using Javascript, is the function it is performing able to be performed without the use of Javascript?

In conclusion don’t go out and rewrite/recode your website to accommodate for these new changes. The changes will have minimal effects but it is still important to stay ahead of the game and do what you can to improve your search rankings.