Skype vs Fring: The Battle Voip

sjype war webandrank.thumbnail Skype vs Fring: The Battle VoipIt’s handbags at dawn as Fring and Skype start a war of words. The two firms have been using their blogs to attack each other.

It all started when Fring, issued a press release stating that Skype had threatened legal action if Fring did not stop its service. Fring has seen a huge demand from its users to expand its capacity to support video calling; Skype has put a stop to that. Skype are scared of other companies developing open mobile communications; Fring used the word ‘cowards’ to describe Skype‚Äôs behaviour.

Of course Skype had to defend its honour, Robert Miller shot back at Fring by saying that Skype did nothing of the sort. Mr Miller believes that Fring was using Skype in a way that it wasn’t designed to be used for (in fact breaking the API Terms of Use and End User License Agreement).

The gloves really came off when Miller explained that Skype had been talking with Fring to sort out these inconsistencies but Fring had continued to mis-use its software. This mis-use has apparently been damaging the Skype brand and reputation. An example of this mis-use is that Fring withdrew support for video calls over Skype on iOS 4 without prior warning, this again cause damage to the Skype brand.

Skype have clearly stated that they have not blocked Fring; it was in fact Fring who decided to remove Skype. Fring are screaming out loud that they have been blocked by a cowardly Skype; I wonder who is telling the truth?

Webandrank thinks that either Fring wants the exposure, by taking on the big man on the block and actually getting a response is one sure fire way to get noticed. The other side is that Skype have made a power move to stifle the development of open mobile communication and is now covering it up. Let’s keep watching to find out how this plays out – go and check the Fring and Skype blogs to see what people are saying about this.