Smartphone Application Netra

netra.thumbnail Smartphone Application NetraOpticians in Your Pocket

Coming fresh out of the MIT labs is a benchmark in new technologies. Netra is a gadget that allows the user to give themselves an eye scan without visiting the optician.Netra is create for all doctors in developing countries that may not otherwise have access to expensive ophthalmological equipment for eye exams.

The picture shows the device connected to the mobile phone. Apparently Netra is easy on the wallet and not difficult to use but can test the eyesight of anyone quickly and, most importantly, accurately. Smartphones have a 300dpi resolution that matches expensive, specialised devices and so can be used for high-tech scanning such as this. Undoubtedly the high resolution can be utilised for other similiar technologies/

The reason why this new gadget is a benchmark is because it signifies a future of high-end scientific equipment  in our pockets whenever we should need it. Smartphones are leading the march into a future of handy pocket based technologies.

MIT Researchers Developing Smartphone

It’s great to see technologies being developed that have medical functions. The mobile phone market is overrun with time wasting apps and devices that the world doesn’t really need. Self-medicating add-ons is a winner in my eyes. Let’s hope the medical supply corporations don’t try to nip these ideas in the bud.