Social Media Marketing Prove to be More Effective for Hotel and Resort Marketing Campaigns

Hotel and resort industry marketing involves quite a bit more than just running ads. Placing ads in magazines, billboard or any other media outlets, you can describe it as a good marketing and advertising method but not a smart method. Now the hotel and luxury resort owners and managers are utilizing direct response marketing method in every advert they run.

Now people are too much involved with the internet that they search of every single need and query on the internet dozen times a day. Recently Google has released a report and according to that almost “90% of the customers uses multiple screens to perform simple tasks online”, either it is a hotel and resort booking or shopping or getting information.

The social media have become the latest big development in the business advertising and marketing methods, today if a company is not using and create value with the social media marketing for their business they are losing a large percentage of customers presence. Social media marketing is the most productive way of marketing for the majority of  tourism business especially who do their business online like hotel, resorts in Bali or Maldive, perhaps for all tourism industry, its obvious now to search for places to go, travel options, hotels etc… whenever anyone wants to go on holiday. So for a hotel and resort business it is very important to utilize the social media marketing  and web ranking service combines to attract customers more efficiently in terms of ROI is vital to staying afloat .

When I ask to any small business owner “why they run their ads?” most of the time I get a very obvious answer, “To keep their brand name in front of their customers” they want people to know about them and their special offers and events. Now since you all are aware of the power of social media tell me, would it be anything else more effective that social media marketing to achieve that. The answer will be simpler, NO.

Another question I asked for the business of Bali luxury villas resort owners is “how do they know which advertisement channel is working for them?, which channel is bringing more paying customers?”. Well, the answer was quite obvious, most of them have no idea what is working for them. In the current market situation where people go to the internet for everything, online marketing and social media marketing prove to be more effective for hotel and resort marketing campaigns. They even have a record of everything like percentage of reach of the people, conversion ratio, and lots of other factors involved in an effective campaign. You can know exactly what is working for you, what is bringing you more paying customers.

Marketing Hotel And Resort Business Online                   

It is the fact that travel and tourism industry has the greatest potential to grow their market online. But still most of the hotel and luxury resort owners use only traditional methods of marketing, even if they have online presence they just set up a website and forget about it. If you want to engage your audience online you need to treat web  marketing as a living entity. People research for the places and hotel and book hotels online, So you should make it more efficient way to advertise your business and ensuring that all results are measurable and verifiable . You can either increase your web ranking  through your website or you can use social media giant Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.… and encourage reviews and testimonials because customers search for reviews and they make their mind based on the reviews from clients.

The key to success in hotel and resort marketing online is to be findable.Findability score must be improved via web ranking service and solid branding startegy..