Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2

Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2 150x150 Some Basic Link analysis Pt.2In the ever changing world of search engine algorithms, it is difficult  to figure out how a link is weighted. This post will explain what elements of a link are used by search engines and how the algorithms measure the quality of those link elements. The search engine algorithms are closely guarded secrets but SEO experts are able to make educated guesses based on certain types of information. Information such as; patent applications, papers submitted to information retrieval conferences and through simple trial and error.

What are the important issues when it comes to measuring the value of a link?

Local/Topic-Specific Popularity

Imagine a website that sells baby clothes, if that websites receives a bunch of links from other baby related websites then it is said that those links are topic specific and therefore carry more weight. If that same website receives links from non-topic specific websites then those links are less valuable. The local factor is also important, getting links from other local businesses shows that you are a relevant local business and will do well in local search.

Anchor Text

Anchor texts are very important ( 500 factor is important) in measuring the weight of a link. If lots of links on different websites use similar keywords that are related to one page with the same keywords, that page will most probably rank well. The most common example is the classic ‘click here’ for further information, the anchor text behind that ‘click here’ front is very important to link weight.


Unfortunately for those of us who care, the web is now filled up with spam, it is estimated that 60% of all the WebPages out there are spam. Spam is basically bogus information trying to make people spend their money on useless products. Links from known spam sites are worth nothing, it is important to get links from trusted sites. The further away a domain is from a trusted link set the more likely that domain is going to be spam. If a spammy domain links into a website in may well mean that that website is also considered spam. A word of warning do not except links from any sites until it is clear that those sites are trusted and safe.

In part three we will discuss how to start your own link campaign and some resources for measuring the value of a link.