Some Basics Link analysis Pt. 1

Some Basics Link analysis Pt. 1 Some Basics Link analysis Pt. 1In this three part post Web and Rank will try to help small businesses and beginner SEO’s in creating a great set of links. By no means is this an easy job for SEO’s, in fact it is probably one of  the hardest. Links are the invisible bonds between web pages that show search engine crawlers how these web pages are related. The links also operate in a democratic system offering votes for pages which indicates their importance and popularity. Nowadays the search engines have developed extremely sophisticated algorithms for link analysis, meaning that they are an integral small part of calculating the rank of a web page.

What are the main types of links?

This post will discuss the very basics of links there are three main types of links, editorial accumulation, manual suggestion and approval, and self-created/non-editorial.

Editorial links

An editorial link is basically a testament to great content or web design. If the content of a web page is useful then people will want to share this content with others. A link is included somewhere on a web page so visitors are directed to the page containing the useful content. There is no SEO skill needed in making editorial links, the only and most vital skill needed for this is great content creation and web design skills.

Manual suggestion and approval

The second type of link is manual suggestion and approval. This category of links includes emailing website owners with links, submitting sites to directories and paying for a listing. The basic concept requires the person needing the link to build a strong argument for why the link is suitable to be placed in a particular website. For instance, if you have a website for a babysitter business then that may be a valuable link in a website that sells baby clothes. Another example is convincing a university professor that the content on a web page is appropriate to be included on a course syllabus. There are a thousand reasons why links are suitable for certain web pages, it is the job of the SEO to figure these out and go about convincing people to link in.

Self-created/non-editorial (old Style)

Finally, self-created/non-editorial links are the kind of links found in guestbook signings, forum signatures, blog comments and user profiles. These links are often ‘no follow’ (no follow means that they do not effect pagerank), and so are considered low value. However, these links accumulated over time can begin to have impact and significance. One of our clients has recently created a blog for their website this blog, as usual, has the option to leave a comment. They are seeing at least two spam blog comments every day, these are businesses trying to leave thousands of links in blogs all across the web. This kind of activity is seriously frowned upon and is not recommended by any real SEO teams.

It is worth building a link portfolio using all three types of link, lots of links of different type is the recipe used by the link chef. The next post will discuss what elements of a link are used by search engines and how algorithms measure the quality of a link.

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