Some New Thoughts on Blogging

some new thoughts on blogging.thumbnail Some New Thoughts on BloggingWhy do so many bloggers think that I want to know their viewpoints on something that generally is already accepted?  I wonder at times if people don’t write to stimulate thought at level of a 6-year-old.

I generally don’t read blogs or respond to them because to question anything that they have written, is seen as a personal attack.  Somewhere along the line it has become unacceptable to disagree with a writer.  The result?  No exchange of thought, or the reality of an alternate viewpoint. The only accepted one is the writer’s.

Sometimes, my mind has been changed by something I’ve read. It will grate on me until I take the time to understand the merits of the opposing point of view.  But this is rare. Why? Because too little of what is found on the Internet has anything much thought behind it.  The goal appears to be casting a vote rather than developing content.  This brings up something else that I find totally irritating.

The Internet is at the root of the ‘less is better’ approach when it comes to writing.  Thinking lately of great writers of literary works, how would they’re voices be received in blogs? Of course, they would have no place there.  Reason?  They would be considered too verbose for the six hundred word or less, article, the acceptable length of a submission to a website. Some rare upper limits reach a thousand.  Tolstoy, author of “War and Peace,” would never find a home in a world of where writing must be terse and light.

Another Internet shortcoming involves word quality.  I don’t have a degree from a university and admit that I do not write everything at the college level.  But, when a Smiley face takes the place of expressing to someone that what they have written has had a positive effect and touched us in a personal way, we are missing a vital human exchange and contact.  And, when upset by a remark, rather than the why, the response is often to ‘block’ that contact. Here, we lose another chance at human interaction, an opportunity to for further exchange of potentially useful viewpoints. An opposing idea should be pondered and responded to in an intelligent way.

I want to go back to the days where forwarding an email wasn’t seen as meaningful contact; before “ROFL” took the place of explaining why what was shared made us laugh. I want to experience again that valuable time consuming effort of sharing our very emotions in written form.  I want to again marvel at the mental images given by something written.

Some New Thoughts on Blogging

Years ago, people would look at the letters others had written during various periods within their lives to gain insight.  Today, without a text message or that email forward, we’re clueless.  As to the real person and their beliefs, those have gone the way of ‘snail mail’ – something of the past that doesn’t fit in today.  Give me some emotion; don’t always agree with me.  Challenge me as I hope what I write will challenge you.

By Rene Vandever from

 Some New Thoughts on Blogging