Some Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your SEO Office

Some Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your SEO Office1 150x150 Some Simple Feng Shui Tips for Your SEO OfficeThe art of Feng Shui has been forgotten, swallowed up by 1980’s obscurity and written off as another yuppie fad. The fact is that the art of Feng Shui can be traced all the way back to 4000 BC, and has been used by the Chinese to align the holiest of places. This ancient art has undergone a revolution, particularly in the United States, since its suppression in the 1960’s. By following these simple tips you can make your office more relaxing

What exactly can you do to improve the Feng Shui in your office space?

  • Declutter – Try to get rid of all unnecessary junk and office furniture. A cluttered and messy office keeps the mind cluttered and restricts the freedom of thought. Office furniture needs to be tucked away and not sticking out in an awkward fashion. Things like sectional couches can help to fill up those corner spaces, but keep your office space free and open.
  • Desk positioning – Be sure to place your desk in place that faces the door but not too close. It means that it is easy to greet visitors when they come to your office. If you spend time sitting around on your couch sipping filtered coffee on you lift top coffee table, then make sure this too is away from the door but facing it.
  • Adequate lighting – Office spaces should be nicely lit to find a balance between too bright and too dim. It can be difficult to find that right balance, it helps to use a mixture of ceiling lights, wall lights, desk lamps and floor lamps (tip – Candice Olson have a great range)
  • Smooth those jagged edges – any sticky out corners should be rounded off to help the energy flow better in the room.
  • Office positioning – this one may be a little difficult to achieve. If you have the luxury of being able to rent a new office space, then try to find a south-facing rectangular room.
  • Colour schemes – The suggested tones for walls are low tones such as cream or pale yellow. It must have been a shock for those in 1980’s when they were told to take down their zebra wallpaper, but it is widely agreed that pale tones for the walls makes the office feel bigger. Rugs should be dark colours such as deep blue or black.
  • Fish tank – any good office should have a fish tank or aquarium, the legend is that they help to enhance your fortune, if not they are nice to look at.

All the tips suggested above are kind of just common sense, but they really can help you to be more relaxed in the office. One word of warning, don’t get sucked in by modern Feng Shui and New Age “energy” scams and buy some bogus metaphysical product.